Industrial Evolution, the process industry’s leader in secure, cloud-based, site-connected data sharing services, is now part of Industrial Knowledge.


Industrial Knowledge improves performance, reduces costs and enables collaboration with advanced cloud solutions that deliver customer value, securely and reliably. Robust systems built on a Secure Industrial Data Cloud acquire, manage, broker, monitor, analyze and enable shared access in the plant and beyond the corporate boundary.


Secure Industrial Data Cloud

Data is acquired (often from behind protective firewalls), securely managed, brokered, monitored, analyzed and made available for shared access. Information is accessible anywhere and at any time for users (including mobile users) who need to understand and collaborate.


Production Management

Addresses the supply chain including planning, scheduling, yield accounting, compliance, detailed process simulation, optimization, fluid flow, and other mathematical techniques.


Operations Management

Technologies support daily operations such as process monitoring, assets, equipment and reliability. Solutions offered include corrosion and condition monitoring, predictive forecasting, maintenance, and risk-based inspection of industrial assets.


Professional Services

Our experts in cloud and on premise real time software can help you plan and effectively deploy solutions for company- and site-specific needs. Our services include investment justification studies, specifications and design, implementation, and ongoing support services with a help desk.


We specialize in cloud-based solutions providing real-time data to optimize collaboration, secure data sharing with customers, partners and vendors, as well as remote and mobile access. Our industrial applications determine goals, calculate production and monitor critical performance.

We offer professional services to assist in investment justification, benefits, planning, design and deployment for both cloud-based and on premise solutions. Our professional services extend to ongoing support to ensure that you get continuous value.


Oil & Gas

Production, refining and pipelines

Secure, cloud-based solutions

  • Well*Share™
  • Real-time data sharing for oil & gas well co-owners
  • Meter*Share™
  • Real-time data sharing for pipeline operators and their customers
  • Web*Technician
  • Real-time data sharing for technology suppliers and their customers
  • Web*Historian
  • Historian Data-as-a-Service
  • Data*Rova
  • Real-time data via smart phones


  • Operating Goals Manager™ (OGM)
  • Set goals and track KPI performance
  • Production Performance Analyzer™ (PPA)
  • Calculate both current and deferred production
  • Watch List Generator™ (WLG)
  • Monitor critical assets to identify potential equipment failure
  • WITSML-PI Interface via the Cloud (DrillData*Now™)
  • Organize rig and well data in a PI Asset Framework system


Petrochemicals, bulk, specialty and food & beverage

Secure, cloud-based solutions

  • Web*Technician
  • Real-time data sharing for technology suppliers and their customers
  • Web*Historian
  • Historian Data-as-a-Service
  • Data*Rova
  • Real-time data via smart phones


  • Operating Goals Manager (OGM)
  • Set goals and track KPI performance
  • Watch List Generator (WLG)
  • Monitor critical assets to identify potential equipment failure
  • Web*VMI
  • Vendor-managed inventory solution for bulk and discrete chemicals


Conventional and renewables

Secure, cloud-based solutions

  • Power*Share™
  • Real-time data sharing for power generators and their customers
  • Web*Technician™ 
  • Real-time data sharing for technology suppliers and their customers
  • Web*Historian™ 
  • Historian Data-as-a-Service
  • Data*Rova™ 
  • Real-time data via smart phones


  • Operating Goals Manager (OGM)
  • Set goals and track KPI performance
  • Watch List Generator (WLG)
  • Monitor critical assets to identify potential equipment failure


We associate with the best in the business and tops in the world:

  • All of the top 10 oil & gas companies in the USA, Canada  and Europe
  • 18 of the top 50 global oil & gas companies
  • 8 of the top 10 chemical companies in the USA, Canada and Europe
  • 4 of the world’s top 10 producers of commercial-scale solar photovoltaic cells power

Fortune 100 companies entrust Industrial Knowledge to provide operational information, while securely sharing key insights with authorized partners to gain competitive advantage, optimize efficiencies and catalyze opportunities on a global scale.

Industrial Knowledge delivers operational excellence with cloud-based, advanced solutions for the process industries. Our software and expert services provide real-time process data via the cloud for remote access, shared analytics, actionable diagnostics and supply chain collaboration boosting reliability, asset life and operational performance of capital equipment and facilities.

About Us

Industrial Knowledge is the operating unit of Yokogawa Venture Group. Yokogawa is a global company with 100 years of history in leading innovation in automation systems, sensors, instruments and services. Industrial Knowledge is headquartered in Phoenix, with offices in Houston, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco and Edmonton.

Now, with Industrial Knowledge, Yokogawa moves into secure, cloud-based site-connected advanced solutions and expert services that are changing the way technology is consumed by industrial customers.

Yokogawa has a wealth of advanced packaged software solutions for improved productivity, safety, energy efficiency and utilization of facilities. Working together, we are able to offer customers cloud-based deployment of these solutions and the expert services necessary generate new value.


Oil & Gas, including production, refining and pipelines

Chemicals from petrochemicals and bulk, to specialty and food & beverage

Utilities, both conventional and renewables

Global Prominence

Industrial Knowledge is a brain trust of experts providing breakthrough solutions for an international clientele. Our customers operate around the clock in regions, climates and time zones across the globe. And so do we. On six continents.


    Phoenix - HQ / San Francisco


    Houston / Edmonton


    Denver / Chicago



Office Locations


USA – Phoenix -HQ USA – San Francisco
22601 N 19th Avenue, Suite #223
Phoenix, AZ 85027
580 California Street, 12thFloor
San Francisco, CA 94104
Mailing address
P.O. Box 41398
Phoenix, AZ 85080-1398
T +1 (415) 952-8070
T +1 (602) 867-0416


USA – Houston Canada – Edmonton
11 Greenway Plaza, Suite #110
Houston, TX 77046
10080 Jasper Avenue, Suite #1101
Edmonton, AB T5J 1V9
T +1 (832) 706-3788 T +1 (780) 423-9003

Help Desk

For technical support contact us or call our Help Desk:

Toll free (USA & Canada) +1 (888) WEB-PWRD [932-7973]
International +1 (780) 423-9003


We are growing and recruiting real-time data innovators up for the challenge and rewards of working in technical or managerial capacities with top global  clients on breakthrough projects. Check our current openings on LinkedIn.

Sales Inquiries

For sales support or general inquiries contact us or call one of our sales offices. We will respond promptly.

USA (West): +1 (970) 420-4444
USA (Gulf Coast): +1 (281) 221-2836
USA (Central & East): +1 (630) 215-5654
Canada: +1 (780) 423-9003
International: Contact your local Yokogawa affiliate or call +1 (602) 867-0416


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